Don't worry be happy...

Stephanie and the girls often use music as therapy. She writes more about it here. Stephanie has wanted to record this song with Sterling for quite some time. Now, after months and months of travel and wondering which end is up and what is next...there couldn't be a more appropriate song. 

I'm so grateful to have a bride who leads this little tribe of beauties in grace despite the difficulty of our immediate situation. I also love that God has given her a gift with music to lead our girls to happy places amidst hard times. 

Listen below and stop by Stephanie's blog for this song, other tunes, home school stuff, crafting, and other family content.

Don't worry be happy

Some times in the midst of transition all you can do is sing!




It's been such a neat experience sharing our songs and stories on the road this summer as a family. It's kind of funny to Stephanie and I though, as we're singing songs we've sang for ages in our home with the girls. Many of these tunes are 5+ years old. However, we've never gone out and shared these songs much beyond our home church in Kansas City...and a previous church in South Carolina. The other day I told Stephanie I think that some of these tunes are like a loaded 2010 Jeep Rubicon (Yes. I still miss Stephanie's Jeep). The Rubicon is the one of the best Jeeps made. Yes, it is 6 years old. But imagine buying one...breaking it in a bit...but, then parking it in a garage with less than 10,000 miles on it. No one would question it's value or usability. You'd simply dust that joker off and take it off road somewhere to let it see the light of day...get dirty and experience the purpose it was created for. There's still mileage in that thing. "Hero" is one of those songs that I don't believe will ever be retired from our hearts or set lists.

I wanted to share a personal story about the song as it is getting such a sweet reception everywhere we're going. Stephanie and the girls had been singing this chorus at the piano for quite some time. They would sing, "God You're my Hero!" over and over at the top of their lungs. Stephanie and I then wrote the verses together. However, when we went to record the tune she convinced me to sing lead on it. Little did she know I was personally struggling with the words of the chorus. The chorus goes, "God, You're my hero. You won't let me down. You won't let me down...". You see though, I had always felt let down by the Father. I didn't view my circumstances, good or bad, through the lens of God "not letting me down". So, when it came time to record the song...well, I had a hard time. Luckily we had a dear friend, Beau Davidson, producing the project for us. He kindly gave me all the time I needed to record the song until I could sing it with any authenticity.

Beau simply said, "I've got all day man...". As in, take your time. After numerous takes, he finally suggested me closing my eyes and singing the chorus as a prayer. I did just that. That was the beginning of me accepting who the Father was. That was the beginning of a breakthrough for me. God used several things to unlock my heart over the coming years. However, later that same year, hearing the girls go to sleep at night playing our family album...I'd hear that song and often have to leave the room. It was an emotional experience for me to see my children going to sleep with truths being sung over them that I had wished I had heard as a kid. Stephanie and I continue to ask God for songs that would be the anthems we may have missed as children, ones that families could sing together.

The video below takes this whole thing to another level. This summer we transposed the song to a key Sterling could sing it in. She leads the song and Stephanie accompanies her on the second verse. There is no greater moment as a Father than to hear your child sing out a chorus like the one in this song. I'm so proud of Sterling and the little leader she is becoming. 

This is just a clip...but, I hope you enjoy it.